Alejandro Maza

Alejandro Maza

CEO & Founder

OPI Analytics

Alejandro Maza is founder and CEO of OPI Analytics, a Mexico based Machine Learning company that provides state of the art AI algorithms to organizations in the public and private sectors. Through OPI, Alejandro works with some of the Latin America’s largest companies in consumer goods, retail, and banking, to innovate in the way they deliver their products and services through the integration of new technologies and data. Alejandro studied Applied Mathematics and Economics at ITAM. He is an Ashoka Fellow, an Endeavor Entrepreneur and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

About OPI Analytics:

OPI Analytics is the leader in Data Science in Mexico. We implement Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning solutions for companies in Retail, CPGs, Banking, and Insurance . We leverage on proprietary data sets and proprietary technologies and deliver to our customers as a SaaS platform or fully customized solutions.  Some of the applications of OPI’s algorithms include the ethical use of alternative data and predictive algorithms for credit scoring, AI-driven demand prediction delivery systems that optimize routes and inventories using public data, and corruption risk detection through advanced pattern recognition in public procurement. In the public sector, OPI has been instrumental in the implementation of Open Data policies and technology in Mexico, at a national and local levels.