Belisario Contreras

Belisario Contreras

Cyber Security Program Manager

Organization of American States (OAS)

Mr. Belisario Contreras is the Cyber Security Program Manager at the Organization of American States (OAS). He has over 10 years of experience in government and security initiatives, particularly in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. Mr. Contreras has deep understanding of in-country legislative and policymaking processes in the area of information technology and cybersecurity. He is highly experienced implementing multi-million dollar projects, and has vast experience establishing donor relations, multi-stakeholder engagement, including high level government officials, civil society and the private sector. 

Mr. Contreras has played a key role in the development of cyber security capacities in the Americas. He has led the design, planning and execution of cyber security initiatives, including: Development of National Cyber Security Strategies and Policies; Creation and Development of Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs); Provision of Technical Training; Implementation of Crisis Management Exercises; Capacity building on Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and; Cyber Security awareness. Moreover, he has spearheaded liaison and promoted strategic partnerships between the OAS and key international actors.   

Prior to his current position he worked at the Young American Business Trust (YABT), and was a fellow of the Department of National Planning of Colombia. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander, and a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Mr. Contreras is an Oxford University Associate, and member of steering committees such as the South School of Internet Governance, SEGURINFO, among others.  

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