David McLaughlin

David McLaughlin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


David McLaughlin is Founder and Chief Executive Officer for QuantaVerse. While working at a large financial services company that provides technology and operations solutions to banks and money managers, David recognized that financial institutions were having to dramatically increase the investment required to prevent customers from conducting financial crimes through their systems. In late 2014, he launched QuantaVerse, a company that provides artificial intelligence-based solutions purpose-built for identifying financial crimes. 

David attributes his business leadership philosophy and commitment to achieving results to both his military and corporate careers. He spent six years as a naval officer, starting in 1986 as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy and attending flight school in Pensacola, FL. David is a graduate of the highly regarded TOPGUN program, and he completed a combat tour in the Persian Gulf where he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and two Air Medals for bravery in combat. Prior to founding QuantaVerse, David held senior executive positions with IPR International, NES Financial and SEI. He graduated from West Virginia University and received a Master’s degree from Webster University.

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